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What should we pay attention to when buying agriculture nonwoven fabric?

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Agriculture nonwoven fabric is fabrics are formed without spinning and weaving. They are simply textile short fibers or filaments that are oriented or randomly arranged to form a fibrous web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means. As it is not made of one single yarn interwoven and knitted together, but the fibers are directly bonded together by physical means, so when you get the sticky weight in your clothes, you will find that the non-woven products cannot be drawn from a single thread. Agriculture nonwoven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle and is characterized by short processes, fast production rates, high yields, low costs, wide use, and many sources of raw materials. Popular with people, then in the process of buying agriculture nonwoven fabric we need to pay attention to what problems?

Here is the content list:

l Genuine manufacturers

l Toughness

l Environmental friendliness

l Waterproof

l Hand and breathability

l Odor

l Thickness distribution

l Raw material table

Genuine manufacturers

First of all, go to the formal production of agriculture nonwoven fabric manufacturersto buy. Because the formal manufacturers are strictly by the requirements of the relevant departments in the selection of raw materials and production and processing equipment, so the quality of the fabric produced can be guaranteed, so that people do not have to worry about it.


You need to look at the fabric toughness of agriculture nonwoven fabric because the toughness of the fabric is good enough for long-term use, which can be proved by pulling.

Environmental friendliness

Pay attention to check the environmental protection of the fabric, because the fabric is in direct contact with the human body, so it should be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless, and this can be beneficial to recycling and reuse, and it can make better and more reasonable use of resources.


Attention should also be paid to the water-resistance of the fabric. Because some industries need to work in locations with high levels of moisture, if the fabric is not waterproof, it is likely to cause defective holes in the product.

Handel and breathability

When buying agriculture nonwoven fabric, you should also pay attention to the feel of the fabric and the degree of breathability, as this is directly related to the user's experience and comfort, so you must feel it on your skin when selecting it to ensure a good feeling when wearing and using it. You can also consider putting the fabric next to your mouth to feel the breathability of the fabric, as breathable fabrics are more comfortable to use and fit.


When buying agriculture nonwoven fabric, pay attention to the taste of the fabric. Once you encounter a pungent odor fabric, don't buy it, because it is likely to contain harmful ingredients and affect people's health.

Thickness distribution

Carefully observe the thickness distribution of the fabric, high-quality fabrics are more uniform in the thickness distribution. In agricultural applications, plants can absorb oxygen sufficiently.

Raw material table

Finally, pay attention to carefully look at the table of raw materials. If the raw materials contain Khmer, this fabric is generally a high-quality qualified product.

These are the things to pay attention to when buying agriculture nonwoven fabric. If you need to learn more about agricultural non-woven fabrics or purchase related products, you can consult our company: Our products guarantee your satisfaction.





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