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What role does agriculture nonwoven fabric play in agricultural production?

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Non-woven fabrics are made from chemical and plant fibers, etc., under the conditions of water or air as a suspension medium, on a wet or dry paper machine. Nonwovens are a new generation of environmentally friendly materials with the advantages of being strong, breathable, and waterproof, environmentally friendly, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless, and cheap. In recent years, agricultural nonwoven fabric has been widely used in greenhouses or outdoor farmland, playing a pivotal role in modern agricultural production. So, what role does agriculture nonwoven fabric play in agriculture?

Here is the content list:

l Improving soil structure

l Maintaining soil moisture

l Inhibits weed growth

l Increases orchard ground temperature

l Maintains crop respiration

Improving soil structure

The use of agricultural nonwovens fabric can help to improve the soil structure, which can effectively bring up the nutrient content of the soil and at the same time improve the fertility of the soil, as well as allowing the number of beneficial bacteria in the soil to increase significantly while reducing the frequency of harmful bacteria, helping to increase agricultural yields.

Maintaining soil moisture

The use of agricultural nonwoven fabric can help to moisturize the soil and improve crop survival rates. Apart from irrigation, soil moisture mainly comes from rain. This reduces the loss of soil moisture, reduces the adverse effects of drought on crop growth, reduces the frequency of watering, and plays a role in retaining soil moisture. On the other hand, the mulch can also prevent a large amount of rainwater from entering the monopoly when there is too much rain, which can act as flood control. In addition, the relatively gentle variation of moisture in the soil helps to maintain a good growing environment for the crop and increases resistance to disease.

Inhibits weed growth

Agricultural nonwoven fabric reduce weed and aphid damage, thereby reducing the cost of labor expenditure for weed control and the ecological impact of herbicide use on farmland. In general, fields with non-woven mulch have more than a third fewer weeds than those without, and weed control is even more effective when combined with herbicide applications. After spraying herbicides, mulched ones can reduce weeds by 89.4 to 94.8% compared to the ones without agriculture nonwoven fabric. The film is reflective and can also partially repel aphids and inhibit their growth, reducing damage and disease spread.

Increases orchard ground temperature

Due to the high absorption of light radiation and the thermal insulation effect of agriculture nonwoven fabric, the ground temperature in the orchard can be increased by 2-3°C. In early spring or late autumn, when the outside temperature is low, the increase in ground temperature significantly promotes the vitality of the root system, enhances root growth, maintains the absorption of water and inorganic salts, and the storage rate of organic matter in the roots. The increase in ground temperature also prolongs the activity of microorganisms in the soil and increases the amount of nutrient decomposition and release, effectively increasing the level of nutrient uptake by fruit trees and providing sufficient nutrients for safe overwintering and the following year's growth.

Maintains crop respiration

Compared to plastic mulch, agriculture nonwoven fabric are more breathable and can maintain good root respiration, promote root growth and metabolism and prevent root rot due to anaerobic respiration.

Agriculture nonwoven fabric has many unique advantages, coupled with its simple manufacturing process, controllable service life, environmental protection, and pollution-free, it has broad development and application prospects in modern agriculture. If you need to buy agricultural non-woven fabric, you can consult us: 




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