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How to clean and maintain nonwoven bags?

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With the growing awareness of people, nonwoven bags and shopping bags and other bags are gradually affecting our daily life, and now the bag is an essential part of people's daily life travel work, however, in the long-term use of the bag process, the scientific cleaning of the bag is the focus of attention, so how exactly to clean the bag scientifically? There should be how to maintain it? The following and listen to the nonwoven bag manufacturers to give you an introduction.

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l Cleaning

l Maintenance


Soaking method

Nonwoven bags soak in cold water or warm laundry detergent for ten to two minutes, not too long because the non-woven material soaked in water for a long time is easy to be decomposed by water, please do not use detergents containing bleach or fluorescent, to prevent nonwoven bags fading.

Choice of cleaning agent

Do not use laundry detergent or detergent containing bleaching ingredients, because cleaning supplies containing bleaching ingredients will cause fading and discoloration of nonwoven bags, in that case, our nonwoven bags, the overall color becomes unsaturated rich.

Cleaning method

First nonwoven bags can be cleaned, but cannot be washed in the washing machine, but also cannot be rubbed hard. Only gently rub a few times with your hands, and then rinse clean. Cleaning is recommended to gently wash by hand with good results, not with a brush, nonwoven bags are easy to hair, then the nonwoven bags are very ugly. If you want to clean quickly, we suggest you use a soft brush, first gently rub with your hands, then take a soft brush throughout the brush once. The force should be light because the non-woven is particularly easy to break. After cleaning, the first nonwoven bags flattened and then placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry.


In the use of nonwoven bags, be sure to often clean, often replace the detergent to avoid the breeding of moths. After cleaning, ironing, and drying, be sure to set a plastic bag sealed, flat in the closet. Even when used later, attention should be paid to shade, to prevent fading. It should be frequently ventilated, dusted until damp, and not exposed to the sun. If conditions allow, you can put anti-mildew and anti-moth tablets to avoid damp cashmere products moldy insects. If there is a puckering site, take care not to pull and always cut off the pompoms with scissors. Correct maintenance and storage can adhere to the good function of nonwoven bags, thus also allowing the use of nonwoven bags for a longer period.

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